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The KCI President thinks YOU need to be at ICON!


Picture this: You find yourself sitting in a ballroom larger than any you have ever seen. All around you, an assortment of different accents, personalities and characters fills the air and space. Several you find familiar, yet many others are foreign. To distinguish between them, each accent, personality and character is dressed to the nines as animals, household items or vegetables. To your right, you discern a moose engaging in a fervid deal with a kitchen mitt. “I’ll trade you a 2015 chili and a 2016 flamingo for your lobster one,” you overhear. In that moment, a bee pops into the deal with a decade-old pin that was passed down from his sibling before him; the moose and kitchen mitt revel in its glory. It is quite a sight to see; it never fails to induce awe (whether it is your first or your fourth time). It is the illustrious Meet and Greet at the annual gathering that we have come to know and love: Key Club International Convention.

Throughout our organization’s history, we have found ourselves in locations spanning from sunny Anaheim, California to the U.S. capital. At convention, our members have been able to experience each respective host’s unique locale. And this summer, we are delighted to convene in the historic city of San Antonio. From great attractions like The Alamo to the Tower of the Americas and, of course, the River Walk, San Antonio has so many alluring attractions for you to visit. But not only that—this year, Key Club also will be sharing its convention with our collegiate counterparts, Circle K! We have the rare opportunity to meet those who have been in our shoes and swap stories of service and fellowship. Trust me when I say that this will be an opportunity that you will not want to miss.

I cannot put into words how excited I am for this year’s convention, and for good reason. With everything that we have in store for all of you, it surely is going to be an event to remember. When convention commences on July 5, we'll make sure to take many pictures, share many laughs and build many bridges, for the week will go by very quickly. Yet, despite the seemingly momentary nature of the event, what we'll take home with us will be endless.

Also make sure to download the convention app to your smartphones! Just search “2017 Key Club & CKI convention” on the App Store or the Google Play store. On the app, you can see and connect with all of the other attendees at convention!

Convention is right around the corner, and I cannot wait to meet every single one of you!

Yours in caring and service,

Devin Sun
Key Club International President
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