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Happy International Day of Happiness!

In honor of International Day of Happiness on today, we’re teaming up with Project Happiness again. Here are three ways to spread happiness in your community:

  • Think of what makes you happy. Write what makes you happy on a plain piece of paper. Hold it up and take a picture with it. Post the picture on Instagram using the hashtag #internationaldayofhappiness. And don’t forget to tag @KeyClubInt in your picture!

  • Make your friends happy. It doesn’t matter if your friends live 5 miles away or 500 miles. Make them happy by telling them how happy they make you! We'll have cool graphics on our Facebook page.

  • Make everyone happy. Spread some Key Club love by attaching customized messages on everyone’s lockers at school. Make cards with funny jokes or fun sayings. Remember to let everyone know that it’s International Day of Happiness, and include the #happinessday hashtag!
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