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Advisors: 3 simple ways to empower club members

One key responsibility of a Key Club advisor is to empower students to lead the club and make decisions. Here are three simple ways advisors can help boost confidence:
  • Ask for their input. When members wonder what the club should do next, ask them for their thoughts. If they respond by asking you, help them along by asking: "Well, what do you think?" With encouragement to think through their options, members feel more determined to find their own solutions.
  • Give specific praise. Everyone enjoys receiving recognition, but specific praise can really inspire a member. When you give individual praise, be sure to explain exactly what the member did to be successful.
  • Point out individual strengths. Encourage individual members to take on responsibilities and tasks suited to their strengths. With a key role that fits, a member will feel more engaged and contribute more to the club's success.
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