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All about Anaheim

To officially kick off the convention, we started the way any good convention should start: with a selfie.

Besides epic selfies, the convention was a whirlwind of fun, excitement and learning. We listened to some amazing inspirational and motivational speakers and danced to save moms and babies with The Eliminate Project. Our friend Paco the Penguin returned for another convention. And because 2013-14 Key Club International President Raeford Penny wasn’t able to attend, we made sure his life-sized cardboard cutout was part of the week's activities.

2014–15 Key Club International Board

At the annual Key Club International convention, students representing clubs from around the world vote on a new Key Club International board. This year, delegates from more than 600 clubs elected the following students to lead the organization:

Key Club International president
Maria Palazzolo
Illinois-Eastern Iowa District

Key Club International vice president
Kevin Zhang
Pacific Northwest District

Key Club International trustees (11 total)

Jenalee Beazley
Southwest District

Gary Cheng
Michigan District

Renisha Daley
Jamaica District

Tashrima Hossain
Texas-Oklahoma District

Laken Kelly
New York District

Nicole Lema
New Jersey District

Rip Livingston
Alabama District

Robbie Mathis
Kentucky-Tennessee District

Shane Meyers
Florida District

Liz Moore
Capital District

Barry Seng
Pennsylvania District

At the first Key Club International board meeting later this month, Maria Palazzolo and Kevin Zhang will determine which districts trustees will be assigned to this year. (Trustee assignments take into consideration several factors, including district convention dates.) Watch Key Club’s official social media channels to see who will be representing your district.

Changes to our organization

During the House of Delegates at the annual convention, Key Clubbers also have the opportunity to vote on amendments to the Key Club International bylaws. This year, five of the six proposed amendments were passed. To learn more about the changes to the bylaws and how they might affect you, check out our blog post with all of the updates.

To view the Key Club bylaws, go to: (Please note that some of the below amendments must be reviewed by the Kiwanis International Board before being added to the bylaws.)

Key TV

Miss out on Key Club’s late-night skit and recap shows for the Key Club International convention? Or just want to watch them again? No problem! We’ve uploaded them to our YouTube page for your viewing pleasure!

Episode 1:
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

(They’re especially perfect if you’re getting tired of watching only Netflix all summer.)

Convention app and hashtags

By the numbers: More than 1,250 people downloaded the official Key Club convention app, which was opened more than 40,000 times! People also used the official Key Club convention hashtag, #KCCA14, 13,000+ times on Twitter and 1,600 times on Instagram.

Search the hashtag yourself to see what happened at the convention. The app is also still available in the app store, so check it out!

Live stream for ice cream

If you weren’t able to attend convention, but still wanted to experience some of the glory, all members, family and friends were encouraged to check out the live streaming of our general sessions which are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Opening Session:
Recognition Session:
Closing Session:

We also offered members a chance to win an ice cream party for their clubs at the start of the school year by commenting specific things in the comment section of the live stream during convention. (For more details on the contest, check out

The winners of our “Live stream for ice cream” contest are: Eastern Wayne High School (Carolinas District), El Camino Real Charter High School (California-Nevada-Hawaii District) and Union High School (New Jersey District).

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