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Pen pal city

It’s been almost a month since the deadline to accept Key Club pen pal letters—and the final results are in! We received more than 700 letters mostly from around the United States, but we also had some participants from Canada and Barbados.

Key Clubbers who followed all prerequisites—being a paid Key Club member, filling out the survey and including an initial letter in a stamped envelope—will soon receive a letter in the mail. Our amazing intern, Caitlyn, has been working hard to ensure everyone gets the best pen pal match possible, which was a much more difficult task than we imagined because we received so many letters.

If you know you met the criteria, keep checking your your mailbox for a week or two for your very special letter!

Want to know more about Key Club’s pen pal participants? Here are some stats:

1. We received a total of 714 letters.

2. Letters came from three countries: the United States, Canada and Barbados.

3. Within the United States, 40 out of 50 states participated.

4. We received 91 letters from boys and 623 letters from girls for a ratio of about 1:6.

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