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Just like anything new

New experiences are a little scary sometimes. Remember your first day of high school? Or that first Key Club meeting you attended? Walking into that room of strangers might’ve felt uncomfortable. You weren’t sure you were going to like the other members ... And you weren’t sure they were going to like you.

Now that you’ve volunteered and fundraised together, shared laughs and created memories, it’s probably hard to remember a time when your fellow Key Clubbers weren’t some of your closest friends.

Traveling and doing service abroad is just like any new experience. The idea of it can be a bit scary, and it’s normal to feel nervous about boarding a plane with strangers or living with a host family for the first time.

But stepping outside of your comfort zone leads to great experiences. Through traveling and doing service abroad, you’ll learn more about yourself and make new, lifelong friends. Whether you’re teaching English to Burmese refugees in Thailand, working alongside locals to build an aqueduct in the Dominican Republic, or hiking up Machu Picchu, you and your group will form an indescribable bond.

This summer, join other Key Clubbers around the world for an incredible service adventure with our partner Rustic Pathways. A great friend might just be a plane flight away.

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