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Video: “Home” by Rustic Pathways

What does “home” mean? It can mean different things to everyone, but it’s safe to say you have more than one home. The place where you live is your home. So is your school community. And, of course, Key Club’s another possible “home” on your list. But could you find home across the world?

Yes, you could! Through their travels with Rustic Pathways, Key Club's partner, students have discovered that home is more than the four walls that surround them. Home is where they find themselves happy, supported and loved. It can be the place where they grew up, a small hut in a village in the middle of Fiji, or simply anywhere they can be with people they care about.

Students on Rustic Pathways’ international volunteer trips explain what it means to find a home halfway around the world. Check out the video and visit to learn more. And make sure to go to to enter to win a free trip to Costa Rica!

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