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Show your school pride

You don’t need a specific holiday to plan a fun service project. Here are three projects that you can do year-round at your school to help spread the word about Key Club—and also put smiles on people’s faces.

1. Students at West Bridgewater Senior High School in Massachusetts didn't have to worry about whether or not they had a Valentine, thanks to the school’s Key Club. Each student was surprised to find a Valentine’s Day card attached to the front of his or her locker last Friday. But there’s no reason to wait an entire year to try this at your school. Write encouraging messages or inspirational quotes and hang them on lockers before school starts on Monday morning to surprise your classmates.

2. Challenge club members to do random acts of kindness throughout your school like the Booneville Key Club in Arkansas did. For Valentine’s Day, the club’s advisor gave each member a card with a challenge listed on it. Some challenges are incredibly simple, such as the one below that says “Smile at everyone today,” but those simple acts could really boost your school’s morale.

3. Even though the semester seems like it just started, midterm exams will be here before you know it. Try selling “exam survival kits” that students can buy for themselves or their friends. Include things such as bottled water, gum, extra pencils, erasers and a note of encouragement. And don’t forget about your teachers! Leave an uplifting note and special treat in their mailboxes to help get them through the testing period as well.

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