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New Key Club merch. ‘Nuff said.

We know you love your black beanie with that bold white font on the front, but wouldn't you want an awesome Key Club beanie as well? We have just that—and a bunch of other new items—in the store!

Here are some of the awesome things you might not have seen yet:

Key Club tech gloves

Price: US$14

Key Club beanie
Price: US$14

“Property of Key Club” shirt
Prices: US$15 (girls-style shirt) and US$16 (boys-style shirt)

Red key tote bag
Price: US$17.50

Key Club Padfolio
Price: US$17.00

Key Club raglan hoodie
Price: US$28

Key Club lanyard
Price: US$3.25

Have a small budget? Don’t worry, we have plenty of clearance items for you to stock up on, including T-shirts that are as low as US$1.50!

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