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Need money for Key Club events?

No worries, Key Club has you covered with its Key Club event sponsorship toolkit. It has everything from a sample powerpoint presentation to fundraising guides and thank you letters to help offset the cost of attending district and international events.

As a Key Club member, you have opportunities to develop your leadership, meet other high school students from around the world and learn how you can make a difference—all at Key Club leadership conferences and events. Some of those events, such as the annual international convention, require fees to cover registration, travel, food and entertainment. 

The good news is that you don’t have to pay all of those fees yourself. Try the one-third concept: Fundraise one-third of the cost yourself, ask your Key Club to pay or fundraise another one-third and talk to your sponsoring Kiwanis club or local businesses about supporting the rest.

Not sure where to start? This event sponsorship toolkit will guide you and your club through making a fundraising plan, asking other organizations for financial support, thanking those who give you financial aid and more.

You’ll find:
• A checklist to keep you on track while you’re searching for sponsors
• Talking points and a Powerpoint presentation template you can use when you talk to potential sponsors
• A sample letter you can use to ask businesses and Kiwanians to sponsor you
• A fundraising guide with project ideas big and small
• A fundraising planning form with a publicity checklist and tools to chart your profits
• A sample thank-you letter to send to sponsors after you return from your Key Club event

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