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Don’t stop recruitin’

We’re halfway through the school year, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop recruiting new members. One regret many Key Clubbers have is that they didn’t join sooner. Here are three simple ways to give them the opportunity to join.

1. Do what we do best: serve

Big school-wide service project coming up? Have some club meeting invitations on hand. If other students in your school see how much fun your members are having, they’ll want to join too! Handing out invitations to your next club meeting will make them feel welcome and also make sure they won’t forget when and where the meeting is.

2. Win them over with food

Have a special call-out meeting in late January to invite new members to join. Entice them with pizza, snacks and games. Show potential members what they can expect in Key Club in a fun way, such as playing a Jeopardy!-esque game.

3. Remember that people join people

Ask members to invite one friend to your next meeting. Hand out a special treat for all current members who bring a guest—and some treats for their guests, too! Students are much more inclined to join a club late in the year if one of their friends is already in it. Plan a fun meeting with games, small service projects or another awesome activity.

Get them up to speed

New members who join later in the year sometimes have a hard time feeling completely comfortable and accepted by the rest of the club. Be sure to include them in projects as quickly as you can and even go out of your way to invite them to your district’s convention. Attending a convention is not only be a great crash course in the Key Club way of life, but it’s also an opportunity to meet other Key Clubbers from schools in your district.

So just remember: “Don’t stop recruiting. Hold on to that feeling. Service, people…” That’s how that song goes, right?
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