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Key Club logic puzzle

It’s the first meeting of the year, and the officers have forgotten their seating assignments in the front row. Help the five officers not only find their seats, but also help them figure out what their favorite service projects are, which events they’ve attended and which social media outlet they use to follow Key Club news. Use the categories below to help you. (Note: You might want to use a pencil for this exercise.)

Student: Kurt, Sara, Brianna, Morgan, Derek

Leadership position: 
President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor 

Favorite service project: 
The Eliminate Project, No-sew blankets, Homemade cards, Leaf raking, Kids Against Hunger food drive 

Event attended: 
District convention, Key Club International convention, Kiwanis club meeting, Fall rally, Key Leader weekend 

Social media: 
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube

1. The club president’s name is Sara.
2. The club vice president follows Key Club on Pinterest.
3. The  club editor’s favorite service project is leaf raking.
4. Kurt sits next to Morgan on her left side.
5. Kurt’s favorite service project is Kids Against Hunger.
6. The person who has attended district convention follows Key Club on Facebook.
7. Brianna has attended a fall rally.
8. The person who sits in the middle enjoys making cards.
9. The club treasurer sits in the first seat.
10. The person who has attended Key Leader sits next to the person who follows Key Club on Twitter.
11. The person who follows Key Club on YouTube sits next to the person who has attended a fall rally.
12. The person who has attended the Key Club International convention gets excited about making no-sew blankets.
13. The club secretary has attended a Kiwanis club meeting.
14. The treasurer sits next to Derek.

15. The person who has attended Key Leader sits next to the person who likes to support The Eliminate Project.

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