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The deal with dues

Key Club dues

There’s always that age-old question: “Why should I pay for membership if I can volunteer for free?” See why dues are important—and what extra benefits you get in return.

Your Key Club dues pay for the following resources and opportunities:

  • The Youth Opportunity Fund, which awards grants to clubs for large-scale service projects 
  • Key Club magazine 
  • Key Club resources for new club building and chartering
  • Officer training materials and planning calendars, which are sent to each club in the spring
  • Support to districts and divisions to provide resources for officer, advisor and member training
  • General mailings to clubs and advisors
  • Key Club International’s official website and Key Club district websites
  • Marketing and promotional materials for member recruitment, available in the Key Club store
  • Administration, supplies and services (ex., membership cards, pins, printing, etc.)
  • Convention planning 
  • Club and district awards
  • Scholarship programs (

A maximum of US$13 collectively for both district and international dues is a small price to pay in the long run for all of these benefits.

And that's not all! With the funds your dues provide, Kiwanis International purchases liability insurance for your club. That means club members are protected financially from the risks that arise in any club event or project. Because your club pays dues, Kiwanis can pay for the coverage—and that lets you enjoy the activities that help make club membership meaningful.

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