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The 70th Annual Key Club International Convention is underway

Hey Key Clubbers! Whether you're at home or staying in the nations capital, I hope you're enjoying your week. If you aren't attending ICON, you can easily go to this URL to see what's going on:

Key Club had a fun, entertaining day including a 5 hour caucusing session, talent show judging, some ran for international offices, and we all listened to a inspirational story from Elizabeth Smart about her story of being abducted and that family will always love you no matter what happens in the end, and, with a little humor, your mother is always right.

Over all, we had an amazing, upbeat day! I even found Paco the Penguin! You can follow up on our adventures on twitter if you follow me at @KristenRosen20

Kristen Rosen
Immediate Past
WIUM Lieutenant Governor
WIUM Awards Committee

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