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Membership Update Center News

The Membership Update Center was upgraded this year and there has been some ajustment as clubs and advisors learn to navigate the new system. This change in how we process dues is actually leading to something even bigger and better for our clubs. Over the next few months, technology is going to be released and promoted that gives clubs more control of their member services. This new system, which is called Portalbuzz,  allows the club and its officers the ability to add and delete members, pay dues and manage other club functions.

This site provides updates to the club management system being released over the next few months. Be sure to check back often as this site is updated with new launch dates and information. Please take the time to review the new features so you can help educate the members that you serve of these unique opportunities. If there are any questions, then please feel free to contact any member of the International Board or the Kiwanis International member services department at anytime.

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