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Wrapping up the holidays

Check out this holiday fundraiser, service project and fun event, all wrapped into one: gift-wrapping.  Here’s how:

  • Pick a busy weekend in early December.
  • Talk to management of a mall, discount store or department store about your gift-wrapping idea.
  • Set up a couple tables near an entrance.
  • Purchase a variety of gift wrap, ribbons, tags and tape.
  • Bring along scissors or other cutting tools.
  • Assign wrappers to two-hour shifts.
  • Offer to wrap gifts for a small donation to your Key Club (maybe $3–5, based on the size). Also a good idea as a fundraiser for The Eliminate Project.
  • Draw attention to your service by posting signs at all entrances, dressing in holiday gear—even elf-costumes—and singing carols while you wrap.

Everyone goes away merry: Just ask members of the Yonkers High School Key Club, who held their gift-wrapping event at a Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Shoppers can take their presents straight home from the store and put them under the tree. The club has new funds to work with. And wrappers get into the holiday spirit.

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