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The Hershey Company Announces Youth Leadership Development Program

The Hershey Company is seeking eight (8) Key Club members to join the inaugural year of The Hershey Company Youth Leadership Program. The program brings together Key Club members with Hershey’s business leaders to develop initiatives that improve community well-being and sustainability.
Eight Key Club members (one from each Hershey’s Track & Field Games program region), The Great 8, will be selected to participate in a year-long leadership program to develop a new service learning project for The Hershey Company and Key Club International. Selected Key Club members will develop skills and experience in program development and evaluation, event planning, media and public relations and communications.
The Great 8 will work as a team to design and implement a new service program to promote active play and access to play spaces for youth (grades K-6) and their families through Hershey’s Track & Field Games local meets and existing community events.
Highlights of the program include:

  • Developing the program name, activities and event play book
  • Leading local community test and learn events 
  • Planning and attending the national media launch at ICON in Washington, DC
  • Participating in a once in a lifetime Apprenticeship Week with business leaders in Hershey, PA (July 31-August 4)

*Travel and accommodations will be provided by the Hershey Company

Please read and review the full program description and participation requirements.
If you’re looking to share your talents, leadership and creativity with The Hershey Company and Key Club International, please apply by MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012, 11PM EST.

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