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Nominating conference results

Caucusing is a labor of love.  After 4 solid hours of speeches, Q&A and some awkward moments, here are the results of the nominating conference.  The following candidates will go before the Key Club International House of Delegates Saturday July 7.

Candidates for president

  • Kayla Lash
  • Rebecca Riley

Candidates for vice-president

  • Colten Meisner
  • Caitlin Stroup

Candidates for trustee

  • Marc Chen
  • Cecelia Ferguson
  • Thomas Franco
  • Amritha Gourisankar
  • Yein Ha
  • Kevin Le
  • Calvin Leung
  • Ratan Manohar
  • Joel Nomdarkham
  • Mary Alice Peng
  • Betty Stearns
  • Jack Vielhauer
Candidates for president and vice-president have also been nominated to run for trustee.

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