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New CKI leaders named

The votes were cast and counted at July’s Circle K International Convention in Virginia Beach. Now meet the new CKI leaders for 2011-2012! The new Circle K International Board is headed by Steven Spriggs of Texas A&M University as president and Melanie Walter of Winona State University as vice president. Representatives elected for the subregions include:

Lisa Watson, San Diego State University
Subregion B (California, Nevada and Hawaii, Rocky Mountains, Southwest)

Daniel Tsang, Loyola University of Chicago
Subregion C (Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota-Dakotas, Wisconsin Upper-Michigan)

Lauren Perkins, West Texas A&M University
Subregion D (Kansas, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Missouri-Arkansas, Nebraska-Iowa, Texas-Oklahoma)

Amelia Ahnert, The Pennsylvania State University—University Park
Subregion E (Kentucky-Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia)

Rob Acerra, Monmouth University
Subregion F (Capital, Eastern Canada, New England, New Jersey, New York)

Lincois Ewers, University of West Indies at MONA
Subregion G (Alabama, Carolinas, Caribbean, Georgia, Florida)

The position of International Representative to Subregion A, representing Montana, Pacific-Northwest, Utah-Idaho and Western Canada districts, is currently vacant. Find photos of the new CKI board and their e-mail addresses so you can share your thoughts on their mission at

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