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New Kiwanis Kids site soars

Live, from the World Wide Web: It’s a new home for kids in the Kiwanis family! Check out the newly revamped website,, where you’ll find a shared landing page for K-Kids, Terrific Kids, Niños Destacados and Bring Up Grades.

This new landing page holds the information that applies to all the programs, such as mentoring tips, tutoring suggestions and how to find additional funds through business sponsorship, in navigation divided by Kiwanis family members, parents, educators and administrators. You can meet the K-Kids themselves, too; they give quite an inspiring message in the new motivational-promotional video on the “Discover” main page.

When you click through to each program’s site, you’ll find updated navigation to discover (program explanations), serve (service and fundraising projects for school and community), lead (information for you about how to lead their program) and resources (tools you need to establish and maintain each one). And, since Key Club and Circle K International clubs can serve as co-sponsors, each site has pages designed for them, too.

We’d love to hear what you think! Please stop by, look around and send us your thoughts on the new Kiwanis Kids site to

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