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ICON day 1 in review: caucusing and making an informed vote

by Faith Lierheimer

At international convention I'm learning more and more each minute how little I know. I think I've learned more about Key Club governance in the span of four hours of caucusing than I did in three years of Key Club.

I sat through speech after speech and Key Clubbers questioning the candidates for international president, vice president, and the 11 trustee positions. It was fascinating how the hierarchy funnels downward so as to create an organization that has amazing potential for unity and unbelievable power for change.

There are 260,000 members of Key Club International. We have a crazy amount of potential to act together to change the world, like with The Eliminate Project. I am so excited to put this project into action in my own club! I find that teenagers are incredibly empowered when they figure out that small amounts of money like US$1.80 can make a huge difference in someone's life. And that makes for more effective fundraising.

The long, sometimes arduous, but mostly fascinating caucusing session brought home a big truth for me in a big way: you are voting irresponsibly if you're voting uninformed. The caucusing session was an awesome way to get informed about the different trustees, so when I voted I felt like I was making an informed decision. I plan to take this skill and use it when I vote for president. The right to vote is a huge privilege, so I think it's vital that we know who we're voting for and why we're voting for them.

Cannot wait for workshops today, learning more about The Eliminate Project and conducting fundraisers without large costs.


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