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Too excited for sleep

by Nancy Yegerlehner
Missouri-Arkansas District

Too excited for sleep is what many Key Clubbers were undoubtedly thinking as they walked back to their rooms after the Surf’s Up dance tonight. I know I was! With such an awesome day, and many more ahead, how could any Key Clubber not be?

Today’s opening session widened our vision to the size and reach of Key Club International, opened our eyes to the Eliminate Project, and resurfaced our dreams through Eric Saperston’s inspiring speech.

Seeing the flags of every nation in KCI, learning about The Eliminate Project and hearing Eric Saperston's story gave many Key Clubbers and eye-opening experience. 

Let's not forget Paco, the Pay-it-Forward Penguin! Several Kiwanis clubs have pledged to donate a dollar for every picture of Paco with a Key Clubber uploaded to the Key Club International Facebook page. Paco has already met many new friends today, and hopefully by the end of the week he'll get to know everyone. 

With such a great day, I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like! I’m sure it willed with great forums and more fun pin trading. Till then, it’s insomnia from excitement for Key Clubbers at International Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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