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Key Club magazine does it digitally

Key Club’s first-ever, all-digital magazine is live online! The 2010 House of Delegates voted to amend Key Club’s bylaws so that Key Club magazine could be “published” instead of “printed” twice a year and the March 2011 edition is posted now at Subscribe to receive yours via e-mail at, tell your friends and then check out this issue’s highlights, including:
Spread the news: It’s easier to find volunteers, sponsors and help for your service projects if everyone already knows about the great things Key Club does. Find out how to make Key Club a household name and improve communications with teachers, parents, school administrators and local businesses through your own public relations campaign. Page 11
Pins are still in: The pin traders at district conventions and Key Club international events almost treat it like a sport. Pin down the pros and cons of participating and meet the Key Clubbers who design and covet the little gems. Page 14
Get away the green way: Key Clubbers find it’s possible to have fun and still be environmentally conscious while on vacation by tweaking their spring break travels to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Check out some alternative spring break options. Page 16
Other key items: You can also catch up on key trends, learn what it takes to win Youth Opportunity Funds and test how much you really know about maternal-neonatal tetanus and The Eliminate Project in the March 2011 digital issue.
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