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Mutual admiration

Key Club shows appreciation for their sponsoring Kiwanis Club 

By Stephen Brooks, Kiwanis advisor to the Colebrook Academy Key Club

I would like to share a story about the Colebrook Academy Key Club in Colebrook, New Hampshire. The club’s membership ranges between 30–40 members.The members have a very strong relationship with their parent club, the Kiwanis Club of Colebrook, which also has about the same number of members. Almost every Kiwanis meeting is attended by Key Club members. 

The Key Club wanted to show their appreciation for the Kiwanis club’s support so the Key Club decided to host an appreciation dinner for the Kiwanians. They used money from an annual fundraiser called Key Awake Night to purchase supplies to prepare a meal for approximately 100 Kiwanians and guests. Key Awake Night brings Key Clubbers from around the New England District together in the Colebrook High School gymnasium. Activities include sports competitions, a dance, Guitar Hero and much more. The students stay up all night long engaging in these activities. 

On the day of the appreciation dinner, there was a Kiwanis Division 8 bocce tournament and the Key Clubbers invited Kiwanians from other clubs to join the feast. The Key Club members prepared and served chicken breast stuffed with a sage and cranberry stuffing, oven roasted potato medley, lasagna, veggies, rolls and a cake with a picture of the Kiwanis club on it. 

The meal was a huge success and the Kiwanians were deeply appreciative of the Key Club’s generosity. The Key Club got many thanks for hosting such a great evening, which also included a little comedy skit from one of the Kiwanis members. 

I think this is a great example of the relationship that’s possible between Kiwanis clubs and their sponsored youth programs. The leadership tools and programs that Kiwanis provides the Key Club members are unsurpassed. 

Key Clubbers recognize when to take the lead and they learn to show their appreciation when they are supported. Their leadership and ability to see the big picture is greatly enhanced by the skills they attain from Key Club and Kiwanis.

How does your Key Club work with its sponsoring Kiwanis club?

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