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  • Key Club International Board Meeting Minutes Posted

    Download the Key Club International Board meeting minutes from the meeting on July 27, 2014. 

  • Icebreaker—straight ahead!

    Ice Breaker

    It’s the start of a new school year—and the perfect time to “break the ice!” Here are two great icebreakers to kick off your year in a fun way.

    “May I join you?”

    10–20 minutes
    Supplies needed: 4 notecards

    The game:
    Pick four volunteers to be leaders of each ...

  • Need money for your projects?


    Well, for awesome service clubs like yours, you’ve got some great options! Here are six grants your club can apply for this fall.

    Sports-For-All Clinic grants

    Deadline: Rolling

    Passion for sports? Promote fitness in your community by hosting a Sports-For-All Clinic. can provide you with funding, support and guidance ...

  • Worldwide Day of Play


    Nickelodeon’s 11th annual Worldwide Day of Play—a special day that encourages children to get outside and engage in active play—is Saturday, September 20. Are you ready for it?

    There are so many fun activities you can do! Host a jump-rope-a-thon, basketball shoot-out or soccer tournament.  Sponsor a bike rodeo ...

  • Key Club behind the scenes: Understanding structure

    Did you know that Key Club exists beyond just your club? And did you know there are more than 265,000 members in the organization? Learn about the structure of Key Club. (Trust us, it’s the key to help you unlock an awesome experience—no pun intended.)

    The member

    Key Club exists ...

  • Service leadership

    The primary educational objective of Key Club is to prepare students to be the most engaged members of their current and future communities. We do this by giving young people the experience of service leadership. Service leadership is the powerful force that occurs once people discover their heart to serve, ...

  • The deal with dues

    Key Club dues

    Do you know where your Key Club dues go? From resources and grants to training and insurance, dues help you get the most memorable, fun experience during your time in Key Club.

    Many clubs and districts aren’t able to provide the large-scale benefits and support that you get from Key ...

  • Eliminate Week: It's not too late to save lives

    The Eliminate Project

    Through The Eliminate Project, the Kiwanis family is changing the world. Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs have raised more than US$3,084,255 to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. If your Key Club put the “fun” in fundraising during Eliminate Week, there’s still time to send in your lifesaving donations and be recognized....

  • 5 topics your board should address now

    5 topics for your board to discuss

    Key Club International is a student-led organization. And Key Clubs themselves are led by the student members.  It starts with the board officers.  Here are 5 topics to cover at your first board meeting:

    1. Service projects. Have your board brainstorm. How many service projects would they like to complete this ...

  • July 2014 Key Club International Board Meeting Minutes and Passed Amendments

    Download the Key Club International board meeting minutes from the July 2, 2014 meeting and review the Amendments that passed during the Key Club International House of Delegates during the 71st Annual Convention on July 3, 2014. 

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