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  • Serve the global community

    We are all part of communities: neighborhoods, schools, clubs, friend groups, sports teams and many more. You’re also a part of the Key Club community. We take part in these communities to feel supported, bond over a certain activity, or reach a common goal. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, we’ve ...

  • 3 service project ideas for Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time for your club to participate in the holiday festivities. Check out the three ideas below for three fun service projects, two of which can double as awesome club fundraisers, too.

    1. Roses are red, violets are blue…...

  • Icebreaker: Dreaming of a small house in the city

    Look to your left. Look to your right. If you see a stack of paper plates and a box of markers, we have the perfect icebreaker for you.

    Icebreaker: Dreaming of a small house in the city

    People: 5+ participants and 1 facilitator

    Materials: A white paper plate (without plastic ...

  • Chinese New Year: Year of the Horse

    Many of us are familiar with Western astrology. If someone asks what our sign is, we probably know whether we’re a Gemini, Capricorn, Scorpio or another of the twelve zodiac signs. But you may not be as familiar with a different type of zodiac: the Chinese zodiac. The end of ...


    Download the Key Club International Board meeting agenda for the February 2014 meeting in Anaheim, California.

  • New Key Club merch. ‘Nuff said.

    We know you love your black beanie with that bold white font on the front, but wouldn't you want an awesome Key Club beanie as well? We have just that—and a bunch of other new items—in the store!

    Here are some of the awesome things you might not have seen ...

  • Need money for Key Club events?

    No worries, Key Club has you covered with its Key Club event sponsorship toolkit. It has everything from a sample powerpoint presentation to fundraising guides and thank you letters to help offset the cost of attending district and international events.

    As a Key Club member, you have opportunities to ...

  • Become a global leader

    In 2013, Key Club added an exciting new partner: Rustic Pathways!

    By teaming up with Rustic Pathways, a leader in service-based international travel, Key Clubbers like you can volunteer abroad and participate in meaningful, long-term service projects side-by-side with other Key Club members.

    Like Key Club, Rustic Pathways cares ...

  • Ready to grow? Learn? Take a risk?

     Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime at Key Leader?

    Key Leader is a weekend experience full of leadership, growth, personal development, fun and friends. It’s open to everyone—including you! Key Leader combines hands-on learning, group interaction and focused discussions to help you develop as a leader and ...

  • Thinking about being a Key Club officer?

    Running for an elected officer position is a pretty big deal, but if you think you’re ready for the challenge, don’t hold yourself back. Like the saying goes, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. Here are a few more words of wisdom to consider when running ...

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