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  • Call for ICON Workshop Presenters - extended to April 3, 2015

    Do you have knowledge or experience to share? Consider submitting a workshop proposal for ICON 2015.
    • Deadline for workshop proposals is extended April 3, 2015
    • Approved workshops will be notified by April 6, 2015
    • No compensation is provided to the speakers, it is a true act of service
    • Actual workshop ...

  • Community Impact Fair Applications Available - extended to April 10, 2015

    This year, ICON will feature a Community Impact Fair to allow members to showcase their service projects. This event will replace the Service Fair that has been held at previous conventions. The deadline for submissions has been extended to April 10, 2015.

    Interested in presenting at this year's Community Impact ...

  • #90KeyClubDays

    By the numbers: Key Club turns 90 years old this May! And March 26 marks 90 days until the start of the Key Club International convention in Indianapolis. Commemorate both milestones by sharing the awesome ways Key Club has impacted your life. Use the hashtag #90KeyClubDays to be linked with ...

  • Palabowlo: District convention season

    Hello, Key Clubbers!

    District convention season is finally upon us!  For some of you reading this, you may already be back from your district’s convention (also called DCON). Nonetheless, I hope you find something meaningful from what I have to say.

    Out of all the Key Club events throughout the ...

  • Key Club pen pals

    It’s exciting to get “snail mail” from someone who lives in another state—or even another country. Have you ever wanted a pen pal? Key Club is hosting a pen pal program again this spring, so now’s your chance to get one!

    Start by writing a letter. Write about yourself, the ...

  • Random acts of kindness

    When we do something kind for friends, family and even strangers, it’s only a matter of time before that kindness comes back to us. Here are 11 ways you can pay it forward—and give yourself some good karma.

    1. If you see some shopping carts “hanging out” in the parking ...

  • Advisors: Spring mailing

    We will be sending out the spring officer training mailing this week, so be on the lookout for that package to arrive at your school or club location. The package will include Key Club International convention stickers, an update from The Eliminate Project and officer guides. The officer guides provide ...

  • Convince your parents to let you volunteer abroad

    You’ve made the incredibly exciting decision to volunteer abroad, but your parents are not as sure as you are about your next life-changing adventure. Need some help convincing them to consider a service trip abroad this summer? Read on!

    First, do some research about the program. Rustic Pathways has more ...

  • St. Patrick's Day: Make your own luck

    You could spend your life collecting four-leaf clovers and pennies that landed heads up, but there’s an easier way to feel lucky. A little perseverance and good attitude can take you a long way. Follow these simple tips to put your “luck” in your own hands.

    1) Take a risk....

  • A smile goes a long way

    In honor of International Day of Happiness on March 20, we’re teaming up with Project Happiness again next week. Here are three ways to spread happiness in your community:

    1. Think of what makes you happy. Write what makes you happy on a plain piece of paper. Hold it up and ...

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