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How to Establish
Membership Goals

Anticipate your club’s manpower needs. Does your club participate in regularly scheduled projects that require a certain number of manhours for completion? Are there projects that your club has set aside due to a lack of members? Consider the history of your club’s membership. Has your club experienced steady and sufficient growth? Have the members expanded their contribution to the school and community?

Establishing performance standards for individual members through the use of a point system can help prospective members (along with present members) realize the emphasis Key Club places on participation. Such standards would also allow the club to highlight the accomplishments of the club’s go-getters. A sample point system can be found later in this document.

There is a growing demand for people to address the needs of the community. Key Club can help meet that demand.

Develop a Prospect List

Remember that caring and sincerity are key words in your search for new members. Look for students with a desire to serve. Freshmen and sophomore representatives should be given top priority because they are the future of any Key Club and are too often overlooked by older club members.

Get input from your principal, guidance counselors, teachers, and fellow club members. They might know names of students interested in joining an organization like Key Club. Try to increase your membership with students from a variety of backgrounds to provide diversity to your club.