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How to create an amazing member recruitment table

Recruiting new members is a great way to keep your club energized and vital. Setting up an awesome table at your organizational fair is an easy and effective way to promote Key Club to potential members. Why just show up and throw your club banner on the table? With very little effort you can create something that will let potential members know what you’re all about. We have a few tips and tools to help you take your recruitment efforts to the next level.

Don't wait until one hour before the club fair to prepare! Create a great table that will get you noticed. Check out our tabling (let’s rethink this word) checklist so you can get off on the right foot!

You wouldn't give a speech unless you’re prepared, right? The same is true for an organizational fair. Club officers or members need to have some key talking points when meeting potential new members. Share these talking points with the club members who are participating in the organizational fair so everyone is on the same page.

Promote your club with great signage. Do you have an artistic person in your club? Utilize their talents to make promotional materials that will set your club apart from the rest! Find all the information on fonts and design elements in the Key Club Brand Guide. Don't have time to come up with your own design? Don't worry, we have some great posters available for you as well.


These full color, 8.5 x 11 posters are suitable for framing or for display with your club photos. Pick up some inexpensive frames and print!


Use these graphics and add quotes, pictures, tweets, and facts. Use them to share the Key Club message in social media, create a presentation using them as slides, or print them and fold to set on tables. 


Potential members will visit several tables during a school or organizational fair. If you want them to remember Key Club, make sure you give them something before they leave your table. A brochure, a flyer, sticker or postcard, or a business card- something with your club meeting day, time and location. If you want to get really creative hand out inexpensive treats such as gum, suckers or fun-sized candy bars! 


Use these nifty labels to add a personal touch to those items. Use Avery 5160 labels (1 in x 2 5/8 in) for printing. Be sure to add email addresses or other information to the labels before printing. 

General labels for brochures or miscellaneous items

Labels for gum
Other label ideas

Use these talking points to start a conversation about Key Club. 

  • Key Club is an international service organization for high school students.
  • We have clubs throughout the world in 36 countries and have a network of over 270,000 members.
  • Annually, our club does ___ service hours in the community.
  • Discuss how your club members decide on new service projects. 
  • Key Clubs do 13.5 million hours of community service.
  • We give you training and opportunities to lead in your club, your community and even internationally.
  • With increased leadership skills, members are able to lead larger groups of members and potentially the entire state or global membership. This is great way to promote yourself to colleges or to new employers.
  • Key Club International is entirely student-led.
  • Students decide where they want to make a difference in the world and how they are going to do it. It’s a chance to see just how big an impact you and your club can make.
  • We help you meet service-minded friends from your school, schools in your area and schools around the world.
  • Emphasize the power and potential of networking with students from other schools in your division and/or district. 
  • We can help you design your own service project.
  • Employers are looking for service-minded go-getters and planning a service project is a great resume builder for professional development.
  • My favorite service project is….
  • Discuss what makes you continue to be in this organization. A genuine answer will be appealing to new students. 
  • The first meeting is…Plug the first meeting or Just try one meeting.
  • Share why meetings are fun and appealing and why members to come back week after week. 
Other fun ways to reach potential club members 


Rework the Key Club suggested talking points into a series of announcements and share these over the school’s public announcement system. Or get even more creative and work with fellow club members to write a mini-series, a script. Check out Key TV, it might give you ideas.

Bulletin Boards
Ask for bulletin board space in a prominent area of your school. Create an awesome visual. Select a theme and work it! Check out Pinterest for great ideas.

Create a poster series and display a poster each day for a week until the series is complete. If one week isn’t enough, try two weeks. Make sure to get approval about when and where to share the poster series.

Tweet about it
Create a club Twitter account. Include your club’s Twitter handle on every item used to promote the club. Tweet about all the fun things your club is doing. Invite people to come to your next meeting or big event.

Tag it
Not enough content to create a Twitter or Instagram account for your club? Start by creating an official hashtag for your club members to use. When potential members click on the hashtag, they can see all of the amazing stuff your club is doing. Try something simple like #ENHSKeyClub.