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Other Key Club graphics

Property of Key Club International

 Property of Key Club International

Show off your Key Club stuff with a "Property of Key Club International" graphic. Label your officer binder, service project calendar, or whatever you choose!

"Property of Key Club International" graphic JPG/PNG/EPS

Updated/Bookmark it


Updated           Bookmark it           

Highlight new information in your newsletter or on your website with the Key Club "Updated" button. And make sure visitors to your website don't leave without saving it to their favorites list with the "Bookmark it" button.



Add tape to give your Key Club materials a cool, handmade feel. Use the tape graphic to emphasize special notes or important information.

Tape graphic JPG/PNG



Use the grid for borders on newsletters, websites and other Key Club stuff. For a creative touch, use it as a background for a headline or layer doodles on top of it.

Grid graphic JPG/PNG


The scribble pencil is a fun way to make headers for your newsletters, but if you want a little variation, don’t forget your other options: the “solid” pencil and the “multicolor” pencil.

Solid pencil JPG / PNG

Milticolor pencil JPG / PNG