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September 2012 magazine


Make the most of your vacation

story by Sarah Moreland

Recently, breaks from the classroom haven’t always meant lazing about at home. More high school students are using days off from school to explore a new country, discover what college is all about, or make a difference in their community. 

Faraway lands: Dream of visiting a foreign country? See if your school has any opportunities to study abroad. Foreign language and history departments often offer study-abroad trips during summer vacations. By going in a group, you could get travel discounts or earn scholarships if they’re available. 

Not sure yet if you want to spend an entire summer away from home? Try a short-term trip during fall or spring break. A weeklong trip can give you enough time to see a country’s main sights—without being gone long enough to get homesick. 

Sneak peeks: If you’re ready to see what collegiate life is like, apply for a summer program at a college or university you’re interested in. Many programs will let you stay in a residence hall on-campus with access to campus buildings, restaurants, theaters, libraries and more. Not only will you see what life after high school could be like, you could also earn early college credit and get a head start on getting your degree. 

Fall philanthropy: As a Key Clubber, you already love serving others. Why not continue serving while school isn’t in session? Some schools sponsor an “alternative fall break,” a community service project (or series of projects over several days) that any student can join and help. If your school doesn’t sponsor any projects during vacation, ask your school administrators if you could start one. KC