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March 2012 Key Club magazine


Project: Bringing Art and Children Closer
North Crowley Key Club
Fort Worth, Texas
Awarded US$450 in 2010 

the problem
A lack of funding for the arts in elementary schools left children with few opportunities to be creative. 

the solution Spend the $450 YOF grant on art supplies to use at Barnes & Noble’s Saturday morning storytimes each week. North Crowley Key Clubbers read and led kids in a craft related to the story they heard. With the supplies they bought, the club hosted a citywide arts and crafts fair. Members also donated supplies to an urban elementary school with no art budget and sent craft donations to children living in Appalachia. 

the community impact “At the extravaganza there was wonder on the children’s faces that teenagers would come play with them and do art—for free—just because they wanted to,” says Donna Newsham, faculty advisor. “Some members planning to be art majors showed the children art tricks and easy ways to draw simple things. The children were amazed.” 

now what? The club does its own fundraising to continue the Barnes & Noble crafts and storytimes each week. KC